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The Different Kinds of Forklifts

Generally speaking, there are 5 different types or “classes” of forklifts. The different classes cover the full gamete of equipment types from indoor to outdoor forklifts, electric and internal combustion, as well as electric pallet jacks and reach trucks.

List of Most Common Forklift Classes.

  • Class I: Electric Sit-Down Counter-balance forklifts.
  • Class II: Electric Narrow Aisle Forklifts
  • Class III: Electric Pallet Jacks or Electric Walkie Rider Units
  • Class IV: Sit-Down Internal Combustion Forklifts. Generally Called “Cushion” or Indoor Forklifts
  • Class V: Sit-Down Internal Combustion Forklifts. Generally Called “Pneumatic” or Outdoor Forklifts

Indoor (Cushion) Forklifts

Class IV Cushion or otherwise know as indoor forklifts are the most common in the United States. Generally this type of forklift have tires that are made of smooth, solid rubber that is attached to a round metal band. Cushion forklifts have a low ground clearance and a generally small footprint that allows for a tight turn radius when being operated inside a warehouse. Both internal combustion as well as electric forklifts can be outfitted with cushion tires. The standard cushion forklift tire is a black rubber composite. There are also “Non-Marking” cushion tires that are made of a white/grey/yellow rubber composite that is designed for operations that cannot have any marking on the warehouse floors. This type of forklift should not be used in outdoor applications or non-improved surfaces.

Linde 1313 cushion forkliftLinde 394 Pneumatic Forklift

Outdoor (Pneumatic) Forklifts

Class V Pneumatic or otherwise known as Outdoor Forklifts are the solution to rough or outdoor applications where additional ground clearance is required. Generally this type of forklifts has tires that are made of rubber similar to car tires and filled with air. A very common alternative option to eliminate “flat tires” on pneumatic forklifts is to opt for a feature called “solid pneumatic” tires. By going to this option, the pneumatic tires no longer are filled with air but rather they are filled completely with rubber as the name solid pneumatic suggests. These larger tread tires make the operation of a forklift over outdoor surfaces much easier and it aids in the prevention of the forklift getting stuck in locations where a cushion tire forklift would ultimately not work.


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